Why we built Vervo?

Why we built vervo app.


From our CEO: I've started Vervo because I want to help you get control of your life as I did with mine. I've used the same exact structure that Vervo was built on to finish my Ph.D., launch my business, and lose 30 lbs. You see, it's simple: the philosophy here is to give you an experience that can help you with your everyday life whether be it a personal or business matter. However, what makes Vervo different is not only it was established through rigorous scientific research, but it's based on a real-life experience that had led to huge successes in a short amount of time. I believe honesty is key to success and in my most honest words, I'd say Vervo truly helps you take the reins on your life as it did to mine.


The idea behind Vervo is not to turn you into a perfect productivity machine, but rather to create room for personal and professional growth without having to disconnect from one to focus on the other.


Using Vervo to manage your life is like riding a Cadillac. It's an experience that guides you through your every day with elegance and a frustration-free approach. We use these two questions in our office: "If you had all the money in the world, would you rather buy a luxury car or don't really care? Would you rather be able to run your personal and business matters in one place?" If you answered yes to both, then Vervo was absolutely built for you.


With all the bills and living expenses we all have, we made sure to place Vervo on the top when it comes to affordability. We constantly get emails asking why Vervo is so cheap compared to other apps our users have used. But that's by design so that you can have a The First-Ever Actionable Calendar App without adding an extra burden on top of your current bills.