Vervo Concepts - Overview

Vervo uses the following concepts to help you get things done:

A goal is a thought/vision of yours that you want to turn into reality. Say you set a goal to take a vacation to Paris. To start working on this goal, the first thing you do with Vervo is to create a new goal with your planned deadline or an open deadline goal if this is a long-term goal.
Once you create your goal, you can now start mapping out what needs to be done to achieve this goal. Vervo offers seven types of content that you can add to your goal:

    • Vision Board - This follows the law of attraction in the sense that you add photos that inspire you to keep working towards your goal. For the vacation to Paris example, I'd add gorgeous pictures of the Eiffel tower, vineyards, and greenery to inspire/remind me of what I'd be enjoying if I make this goal happen.


    • Routines - are recurrent habits/todos that you need to do every day to help you achieve your goal. If you are working on losing weight, for instance, you can set up a daily routine to go to the gym and another to run 3 miles. Routines offer a calendar view where you can track your daily progress in terms of total times you have logged your activity for the day, current streak, and longest streak. Since Vervo emphasizes the concept of engaging family and friends to inspire and be inspired towards your goals, routines offer a leader board feature. This feature adds a little bit of a fun competition to help you stay on top of your habits/routines.


    • Tasks - those are different from routines in terms of a task that needs to be done/checked off only once. In the example goal of 'Vacation to Paris,' a task could pack my bags, or buy new luggage. Think of tasks as your to-do list for this specific goal.


    • Notes - this is your daily journal where you log your progress, thoughts, plans, and other related ideas to your goal. An example diary would be "Today I started saving up $5/week towards buying my tickets next January."
    • Stats - the significance of engaging family, friends, and other goal-setters cannot be emphasized enough. This allows you to invite users who are already in Vervo or text/email people who you want to join your goal. The power of having more people in your goal could be so powerful to give you a push towards your goal.


  • Reminders - These are built to help you remember what needs to be done at certain times. Say you are setting off on your trip to Paris, you can set up reminders to send you a notification of your flight check-in time, or when you need to buy tickets online.

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