Real-time Challenges are Coming to Vervo

Due to the overwhelming demand from many achievers, we have embarked on the journey of adding the ‘Real-time Challenges’ feature to Vervo.

With that, you’ll be able to challenge yourself, friends, family, join other achievers, and commit to a series of timely achievements.

How would challenges help me, you might ask?

Based on psychological drivers, which are the basis of the upcoming challenges feature, it’ll help you:

  • Develop mental toughness through persevering several days-long commitments.
  • Focus your attention by knowing what needs to happen (predictability puts our minds at ease).
  • Drive inspiration from other fellow achievers who join the same challenge as you.
  • Studies show we respond psychologically and neurologically better when we engage in time-boxed endeavors.

It’s quite a big feature and we’re working tirelessly to make it serve you best.

Drop us a line at [email protected] if there are certain challenges you’re interested in.

The Vervo App Team

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