How to Vervo?

How do I create a goal?

To create a goal, tap the red button in the bottom bar. This will take you to a wizard where you fill in the following information:

  • Your goal title
  • Deadline 
  • Start Date (optional)
  • Privacy (private or public)
  • Vision Board
  • Routine to keep you on track for the goal


What's the difference between PRIVATE and PUBLIC goals?
  • PRIVATE: if you choose to create a private goal. No one else, including your friends, would be able to browse/see your goal. However, you can still explicitly invite users of your choice to join your goal. To do so, tap the 'Invite' button inside your goal and send an invite to one or more users.

  • PUBLIC: all of the Vervo community can see and join your goal.

What's the difference between a goal and a routine?

A Goal is a short or long-term objective to achieve. An example of a goal would be to Pay off your credit cards. The completion of a goal might require journaling your daily progress through Notes, adding one-time todos through Tasks, or getting inspiration through adding photos to your Vision Board.

A Routine on the other hand is part of your goal(s). A routine is a daily task which you must do to progress and eventually accomplish your goal. In the same example, you can set up a new routine to save up $5/day to help you pay off your credit cards.

What are 'STREAKS' in routines?

When you log in your daily count (by tapping on your routine), Vervo calculates your streaks. A Streak defines the length of time (in days) that you have successfully stayed on your routine. There are two types of streaks in Vervo:

- Current Streak: this calculates the total days that you have stayed on your routine up to today.
- Longest Streak: this tells you the longest period that you have managed to stay on top of your routine.

To view your current/longest streaks, tap on the three dots next to your routine and then choose 'View Calendar & Streaks'

What is the 'LEADER BOARD' feature in routines?

Vervo added a Leader Board feature to add a fun way to increase competition in your routines. Say you have yourself, and two of your friends in the same goal, following the same routine. The leader board keeps tabs on who managed to consecutively log their daily counts in that routine. Vervo sends a notification to all users in your goal once the leader board changes or is selected for the first time.

To view the leader board, then tap on the 'three dots' icon next to your routine, tap the 'View Calendar & Streaks', then tap the 'Leader Board' button.

Give me an example of a goal with routines?

Here is an example of a goal we all share here at Vervo. We created a 'Self Care' goal, where we keep track of our daily health. As part of this goal, we have defined the following routines:

- Go to the gym at 5 PM
- Drink 2 liters of water
- Meditate for 10 minutes

We currently compete on who can have the longest streak across all of the above routines.

I still need definitions for goals and other content types in Vervo?

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